Brooke's Gecko  (hemidactylus brookii)

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Description: This is one of the group of the more common "house" geckos. It grows to around 5 inches and is normally dark brown and there may be lighter patches or bands across the back and tail. It is nocturnal and climbs well.

Vivarium Requirements: 18 inches (length) by 12 inches (width) by 15 inches (height) for 2-3 geckos. Substrate can be bark chip, gravel or potting compost. Provide plenty of branches, a few small rocks and a plant. Spray the enclosure lightly each evening with a plant mister. Daytime temperature should be between 80 and 88 degrees, falling to 68-72 degrees at night.

Feeding: Medium sized crickets, mealworms, waxworms and small locusts. Dust the food with vitamin powder once every 7-10 days.

Notes: If using spotbulbs to heat the tank, cover the bulbs with a mesh guard to prevent the geckos climbing onto the bulbs and burning. This species is fast and agile and a good escape artist so make sure the vivarium lid is tight fitting and secure!

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